About Us

ID Contract Solutions Sdn Bhd is a leading interior design and renovation company in Melaka, Malaysia. The objective of the company is to provide the best building interior service for office, corporate building, residential house and F&B building(Restaurant, Café, etc). We also specialize in kitchen & wardrobe system and build in furniture.

A customer-centric attitude is the main core of our interior design. In the project phase, we will invite space users to actively participate in the interior design process and solve problems together. Interior designers work closely with the work environment transformation team to create a high-functional space that is comfortable, highly utilized, and meets customer expectations through visual aesthetics.

Our company's design quality is high, full-featured and truly based on customer needs. The multi-participatory design process let us to better understand the needs of customers and end users and to ensure the ultimate comfort and functionality of the final building work and its surroundings.


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